Carver TLM-3600 CD Player Repair And Restoration

The top cover is off. This Carver TLM-3600 CD Player has a 10 disc magazine and was introduced in 1990. Retailed for $699. 

This CD player won't detect the 10 disc magazine when it is installed. That worn spot above the screw on the magazine is the problem.

There is a magazine detect switch shown if you look through the hole under the orange and red wires that wasn't switching on.

This Carver TLM-3600 will now detect the magazine after putting a little gel super glue on the worn spot.

Clean off the old grease and put on some new. The Carver TLM-3600 should be good to go for many years. 

Time to reinstall the top cover and this Carver TLM-3600 CD player repair and restoration is complete.