Carver 6250 Receiver Repair And Restoration

This Carver 6250 is a little bit rough but the unit will be fine after some restoration.

From the looks of it someone spilled a coke or something like it in this Carver 6250 receiver. It will clean up.

This Carver 6250 has seen a lot of dirt and cigarettes in it's day. No worries the unit will clean up fine. 

More wiring harnesses to the front panels of the stereo equipment as the 1980's wore on 

The front panel is getting ready for a bath of soap and water followed by some Mother's aluminum polish. 

Part of any vintage stereo restoration is to clean the years of corrosion from the controls.

In most vintage stereo equipment the pots are much easier to get at if you do some disassembly as was done with this Carver 6250.

The bottom panel is off on the Carver 6250 receiver to clean the dirt out and to access the controls for cleaning

Most of the time there is enough slack to move the assemblies where you need them. 

The Carver 6250 receiver repair and restoration is complete. Time for some bench testing and then some music.