Bose 551 Spatial Control Receiver Repair And Restoration

This Bose 551 spatial control receiver is pretty dirty and the sound is intermittent. 

Here's the back panel of the bose receiver. Lots of dirt and grime to clean up but I've seen worse. Any restoration involves cleaning.

This shows the bose spatial control receiver with the top cover off. More to clean here.  

This shows the bottom cover off the receiver and as usual it's much cleaner at the bottom. 

This faceplate will take some cleaning but using warm water and dish soap should clean it up.

Clean behind the faceplate which probably has not been removed sense this bose receiver was manufactured.  

Cleaning the pots and switches with dexoit fixes many intermittent problems and should be part of any vintage stereo equipment restoration. 

Got a lot of the dust and grime out of this bose receiver and it's about time to put the top cover back on.

Looking much better and sounding good on the test bench. This bose receiver repair and restoration is complete.