Bose 901 Series IV Speaker Restoration

These Bose 901 series IV speakers are in need of some restoration. 

The Bose 901 Series IV speakers are known for rotting foam around the drivers. Looking at the picture below you will see why.

Not much foam left and new foam surrounds will need to be installed in this pair of Bose 901 series IV speakers. 

Soaking the remaining foam with alcohol and using a screwdriver, chisel or knife will remove the remaining old foam.  

Carefully remove all of the old foam from both the paper speaker and the the plastic surround of all the drivers. 

Carefully clean all of the debris from your Bose 901 series IV speaker cabinets with compressed air or a shop vac.

The Bose 901 Series IV speakers have six staples that need to be removed so that you can access the front of the cabinet.

Once you have the front grill off you will be able to access the single speaker that will also have the rotted foam.

Nine times per cabinet you apply adhesive to the paper cone and plastic Foam replacement kits will have detailed instructions. 

The Bose 901 Series IV's with new foam installed in the back/reflecting speakers along with cleaning the dirt out of the cabinets. 

The single speaker in the front with the new foam. I also used velcro in the four corners instead of trying to reinstall the original staples.

A little wood polish makes a big difference in the way the Bose 901 series IV cabinets look.

The new foam should last for many years. This Bose 901 speaker restoration is complete.