Bose 901 Series II Speaker Restoration

These Bose 901 series II speakers are in need of some repair and restoration. 

The cloth is not in great shape on these Bose 901 Series II speakers and the wood cases have a few nicks and scratches. 

The Bose 901 series II speakers rarely have an issue with rotting foam surrounds and this pairs drivers look fine. 

One issue is that the some of the small wood blocks that hold the grills on are missing.

Fortunately the wood blocks could be found on the inside of the grills. 

The staples were removed from the Bose 901 series II speakers and velcro was used to attach the grill to the speaker cabinet.

The Bose 901 Series II speaker equalizer needs some attention.

Deoxit was used to clean the switches and pot of the Bose 901 equalizer. 

The 120 voltage neon lamp that indicates when power is applied to the Bose equalizer was burned out.

The Bose 901 Series II equalizer has been cleaned up and is ready to go. 

With the grills attached securely this Bose 901 series II speaker repair and restoration is complete.