Bose 301 Speaker Restoration

These Bose 301 speakers are in need of some restoration. The woofers need some new form installed.

I have both of the woofers removed from the left and right speakers. Four screws hold each in place. 

You need to carefully cut the dust cap off each speaker because you need access to center the voice coils with shims. 

The picture below shows the voice coil shims in place. After cleaning the old glue up it's time to put in the new foam.

The new foam is now installed, the shims are removed and now it's time to wait a few hours for the glue to completely dry.

After installing new dust caps that were cut off earlier the refoamed woofers were installed in the Bose 301 speaker cabinets.

Both the left and right speakers sound good on the test bench. This Bose 301 speaker repair and restoration is complete.