Akai GX-280D-SS - Repair And Restoration

Almost every vintage unit needs to be disassembled for cleaning. This quadraphonic Akai GX-280D-SS tape deck is no exception.

A big troublemaker in the Akai GX-280D-SS is this relay assembly. After taking care of any relay issues usually this unit is very reliable, 

The nice thing about this reel to reel is that the individual assemblies use plug in connectors. Much easier to work on. 

Akai reel and capstan motor's are very reliable. If they turn smoothly it's probably not worth tearing them apart to lubricate them.

This quad Akai GX-280D-SS is not perfect cosmetically but it's ready to start another decade of service.

This Akai reel to reel's transport functions well and is quiet.

The wow and flutter measurements look good. This Akai GX-280D-SS repair and restoration is complete.