Akai GX-9 Repair And Restoration

This Akai GX-9 cassette deck will not fast forward or rewind.

You should always clean the tape path before you start troubleshooting. Many issues can be solved by just doing that.

I have removed the faceplate of this Akai GX-9 cassette deck. I need to look at the idler tire. This is probably causing the FF/Rewind issue.

During this Akai repair and restoration I'll need to unplug some connectors and cut some tie wraps to gain access to the idler tire.

The idler tire was in good shape. It just needed to be cleaned as well as the motor shaft.

This Akai GX-9's rewind/FF works fine now. Most of the time you need to replace the rubber idler tire but in this case it wasn't necessary.

The wow and flutter numbers were excellent so the capstan belts were also left as is.

After some bench testing this Akai GX-9 cassette deck repair and restoration will be complete. It's time for some music!