Adcom GTP-400 Preamplifier/Tuner Restoration

This Adcom GTP-400 preamplifier/tuner is in decent cosmetic shape if not perfect.

This Adcom solid state preamplifier/tuner is laid out neatly inside. Typical of the late 80's early 90's stereo equipment. 

With the bottom cover off you can see that most all of the components are on one PWBA. By the late 1980's this was how it was done. 

The ribbon cables are in sockets and unplug easily. Makes servicing easier then the older solder/wire wrap connectors.

Removing 4 screws and 3 ribbon cables allows you to remove the digital display. This allows you room to get to the balance,bass,and treble pots for cleaning.

With the display in this Adcom GTP-400 moved back a little you can use deoxit on the pots that are under the display board.

Don't forget to clean the RCA and antenna connectors. Any vintage stereo restoration involves a lot of cleaning.

The Adcom GTP-400 preamplifier/tuner is back together and sounding good on the test bench. This repair and restoration is complete.