Adcom 5802 Amplifier Repair And Restoration

This Adcom GFA 5802 power amplifier is in fairly good cosmetic condition. It was manufactured around 2000.

It's time to take the top cover off. Adcom uses hex screws and they can be difficult to break loose. Be careful as they are easy to strip.

With the top cover removed you can see why this Adcom 5802 can produce over 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 450 watts into 4 ohms.

Around the power FET's It looks like something may have been spilled. I used a little water and a cloth to clean it up. Alcohol may affect the thermal grease.

Get the service manual and set the idle current to spec. You will find that this Adcom GFA 5802 amplifier runs very warm even at idle.

The service manual will also tell you how to adjust the DC offset. You should let the amplifier warm up for an hour or so before adjusting.

This Adcom 5802 does not need a complete restoration at this point but use some deoxit on the rear connectors while you have the amp accessible.

This restoration was more of a tune-up as this Adcom GFA 5802 power amplifier is only about 15 years old. This repair and restoration is complete.