Tandberg TCD-310 Repair And Restoration

This Tandberg TCD 310 cassette deck is in need of some repairs and restoration.

This Tandberg TCD-310 cassette deck needs a good cleaning. It looks like plenty of Florida sand to clean up.

Before starting any vintage stereo restoration have the service manual available.

The service manual will give you details like how you can obtain access to the inside of the equipment in question.

The front panel has now been removed so that I can clean out some of the sand. Any vintage stereo restoration involves a lot of cleaning.

I use a small clip-on LED light for additional light. This light works well when looking at something deep inside the chassis and keeps your hands free.

With the front panel removed on this Tandberg TCD-310 you have access to the push button switches so that you can clean them with deoxit.

The switch buttons will just slide off of the push button switches. The bottom of the buttons will stay in a groove at the bottom of the chassis.

Just a lot of sand and grime to clean up inside this Tandberg cassette deck.

In the picture below you can see the layer of grime on the capstan belt.

The cover that protects the level meters has been removed for cleaning. Notice the edges where I've touched the cover and knocked off the sand.

The level meters stayed nice and clean in this Tandberg TCD-310. Not much else did.

If you pull the meters down you will be able to access three push button switches that you can clean with deoxit.

You will have easy access to the tape path with the front panel removed. Clean up the heads, pinch rollers and everything else in this area.

I've cleaned up this cassette deck and reinstalled the front panel.

It's time to do a little bench testing.  Checking speed along with wow and flutter measurements are always a good idea with a tape deck.

Looking much better and ready for some music. This Tandberg TCD-310 repair and restoration is complete.