Phase Linear 3300 Series Two Repair And Restoration

This Phase Linear 3300 preamplifier is pretty dirty and needs a good cleaning.

Warm water, dish soap, aluminum polish, toothbrush, rags, and Q-tips will all be needed to get the grime cleaned off.

The faceplate of this Phase Linear 3300 series two pre amplifier will need to be removed for cleaning.

The knobs are removed and then cleaned with warm water and dish soap followed by aluminum polish.

The top cover of the Phase Linear 3300 series two preamp has been removed to access the controls for cleaning with deoxit.

The push button switches are easy to reach with the faceplate and top cover removed.

This Phase Linear 3300 preamp is looking much better. Any vintage audio restoration involves a lot of cleaning. 

The Phase Linear 3300 is ready for some bench testing. Then it's off to listen to some music. This repair and restoration is complete.