McIntosh MAC 1700 Receiver Repair And Restoration

This McIntosh MAC 1700 tube and solid state hybrid receiver is in pretty good cosmetic shape. 

This example includes a wood case. Interesting the FM section of this receiver is vacuum tube with the preamp/amp being solid state.

The MAC 1700 was powered up on the test bench and the basic functions seemed to be working to a certain extent.

4 of 6 tubes tested bad in my Hickok and B&K tube testers. They were replaced and as expected the FM performance improved.

I input a 1000HZ sine wave into the AUX input as well as a 1000HZ tone via the sound technology 1000A into the 300 ohm FM antenna inputs.

I could hear an imbalance between the left and right channels at low levels. The ST audio analyzer shows the same thing, 20% difference.

As I turned the volume knob beyond the 9 o'clock point the channels evened out. This is a common problem with the volume control in the MAC 1700.

This issue is not the end of the world. You just need to know the issue so you know where to set the balance/volume control to get even volume from your speakers.

As mentioned earlier this is a common problem with this receiver so replacement volume controls are expensive and IMO not worth the cost.

All bench testing looks solid and this receiver is ready for some music. This McIntosh MAC 1700 repair and restoration is complete.