Dynakit PAS-2 Preamplifier Repair And Restoration

This Dynakit PAS-2 preamplifier is approaching 50 years old and needs some repair and restoration.

Warm water, dish soap, toothbrush, rags, and Q-tips will all be used to get the grime cleaned off.

Any vintage stereo restoration involves a lot of cleaning. I'll use deoxit on the rear RCA connectors.

This Dynakit PAS-2 preamp appears to be all original except for the vacuum tubes which I supplied.

This Dynaco PAS-2 is fired up and sounding good on the test bench.

This PAS-2 is more then due for a recap but for the moment the 50 year old components are hanging in there with no hum or other audible issues.

This Dynakit PAS-2 preamp tests fine on the test bench and is ready for some music. This Dynakit PAS-2 repair and restoration is complete.