Crown DC 300A, IC 150A, OC 150A

Repair And Restoration

This vintage Crown audio equipment is in pretty good cosmetic shape but it needs some repair and restoration.

I have removed the Crown IC 150A preamplifier from it's wood case.

I have removed the top cover. This crown IC 150A has a sealed case with no ventilation holes so the inside is much cleaner then most vintage equipment.

I will need to remove the faceplate of this Crown IC 150A to properly clean the pots and switches. Any repair or restoration involves cleaning.

With the faceplate now removed it will be much easier to clean the pots and switches with deoxit.

I'll also clean up the faceplate itself. Warm water along with some dish soap usually works well.

I'll also use deoxit on the push button switches. They are much easier to access with the faceplate removed.

I have got the Crown IC 150A preamplifier about ready to be put back together.

This Crown IC 150A repair and restoration is made easier as there is a lot of room to work with on the chassis.

I have removed the Crown OC 150A output control console from it's wood case.

I have removed the top cover. This Crown OC 150A is very clean inside and the layout of the chassis looks neat and orderly.

During preliminary testing I found that the channel 1 and channel 2 levels were uneven.

After troubleshooting I found a bad transistor. Not a surprise seeing that this Crown OC150A is more then 40 years old.

This Crown OC 150A has a lot of room in the chassis to work so the transistor replacement was fairly easy.

With both meters now working properly this Crown OC 150A output control console repair and restoration is getting closer to completion.

To properly clean the controls with deoxit some disassembly is always required.

It's time to remove the Crown DC 300A from it's wood case to take a closer look.

The Crown DC 300A power amplifier is built like a tank. No wonder it was sold for decades with few changes ever being made.

This Crown DC 300A was used by many bands, churches, etc. as well as by home stereo users.

I have removed the faceplate of this Crown DC 300A so that I can clean the potentiometers properly.

This Crown DC 300A, IC 150A and OC 150A  repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!